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Zurmo is gamified CRM software that your users will love to use.


All-in-One Solution

Run Marketing, Sales and Project Management


Marketing Automation software helps you nurture prospects and track results. Wonderfully integrated with sales management to help close more deals.
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Sales Management Software helps you track activities, grow your pipeline, and manage customers. Create beautiful reports that help you make important business decisions.
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Project Management Software helps your team stay organized, collaborate on tasks, and track progress. Visualize goals and hit milestones. Get things done.
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Zurmo is addictively fun to use.

Users stay engaged

Gorgeous Dashboard

Gorgeously designed dashboard that keeps users clamoring for more. Easily track game progress and status.

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Explore & Discover

Earn badges, coins, and complete collections. Then turn it in for real rewards. Motivate users and expect results.

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Winning Streak

Sales people love to compete. Stoke the competitive fire in your team and watch your sales grow.

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“If I can intuitively figure out how to customize Zurmo and build complex workflows, just imagine what you could do.”


Roi Stone


“Gamification helped drive 100% user adoption. I’m a sales guy not a CRM expert, but I was able to setup and configure the system myself. That is not something that could be easily done with other CRM systems.”


JP Dias

Miami Web Design Services

“We chose Zurmo because customer relationships are the most important part of our business.”


Leandro Folino

Miami Web Design Services

“Zurmo is great, there is always a new feature to work with. Clean and robust code lets us expand every module, from business logic to project management, and get the very best CRM experience.”

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“Zurmo is very interesting when you consider the gamification aspects of CRM. The use of the system feels more like a game and the user is more motivated to utilize with the application.”

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“The backers of a Zurmo are hoping to stand out in a crowded field via the use of gamification, the notion of applying gamelike design principles in an effort to make users engage more closely with a product.”

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“Zurmo's core CRM features cover contact management, deal tracking and activity management, while the gamification elements include the use of points and badges that users receive based on the actions they take.”

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“Within Zurmo, users not only have the freedom to use the gamified structure to accomplish business goals, like winning an opportunity or closing a sale, but also to enhance their use of the application itself— like rewarding them based on how often they're logging in to the CRM or updating the contact record.”

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“The 'tablet-ready' Zurmo provides a means to "engage users at every level" in the pursuit of CRM excellence.”

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